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Frequently asked questions

Individual VS. group workshops

The main difference between the individual and the group workshops is that the group workshops are booked by the teacher, and the individual workshops allow the student to book a time they want.

Another difference is that the group workshops have a monthly theme selected by the teacher, while in the individual workshops the learner can select a theme they like and that interactive workshop material will be adapted to fit the child’s level.

Whatever the case may be, we want to welcome you into our online English lessons and workshops for children – don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Creating an account and payment - Individual workshops payment

We offer a 1-month and a 3-month package. One- month includes 8 workshops, and the 3-month subscription includes 24 workshops. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer one-off workshops. We work by following uniquely designed programs. If you are interested in attending a workshop, you can apply for a free group monthly workshop. There are no free individual workshops.

No, the package will expire automatically in 30 days if you got a one-month package and in 3 months and you have to purchase a package again.

Individual workshop booking/canceling/rescheduling

Go to my account page to cancel a lesson. You can reschedule/cancel the workshop 24 hours before the booked time, after that the workshop is counted as conducted.

Programs are designed and carefully tailored to your child. 

The teacher loses a time slot that cannot be filled in less than 24 hours because many students book days/weeks in advance and the teacher loses time taken to develop the individualized interactive digital material for your child.

If you want to reschedule/cancel, inform the teacher immediately, so you can arrange a new workshop time time. Thank you for your understanding!

You can book only 8 workshops per month.

If you have a 3-month package you can still book only 8 workshops per month.

If you want more workshops, you can contact us and we will arrange and book a special package for you from our admin side.

Individual workshop topics/methods/level test

The individual workshops allow the student to book any time they want.
In the individual workshops, the learner can choose a theme they like, and that interactive workshop material will be adapted to fit the child’s level and preferences.

Your child will be assessed following the Cambridge Examination Levels for children and be placed in a Starters, Flyers, or Movers group. Read more about the levels on our front page.

We have 11 highly interactive programs, where all the lessons can be tailored to your child. Lear more about the programs here.

We don’t teach grammar!

We help your child learn through communication, projects, and exploration!

All learning is authentic…

…meaning that we introduce English through real-life situations.

We are all about immersion…

…which means that we speak exclusively in English and we will not use other languages!

We adapt every lesson to fit…

the language level, the needs, and interests of your child! We will create lessons specifically for your child!

Yes, of course! After your child finishes one full program and we get to know the level and the preferences of your child, we can design a new program for your child.

Group workshops

The group workshops consist of 8 45-minute long workshops, which means that there are 2x workshops per week.
The topics will be listed on this page every month, but your child will practice all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) regardless of the monthly topic. The workshops are for children aged 5-12, and there will be multiple groups, one for beginners and another for intermediate students. Click here to learn more about the group workshops.

Please follow the video tutorial below if you have any issues with the payment.

No, there are up to 6 children in the group, and if you cannot attend there is no rescheduling.

No, all payments are definite. We offer free group workshops every month so you can join us to see how we teach or follow us on Xhiaongshu to learn more about us and peek into our classroom!

We offer free group workshops every month so you can join us to see how we teach or follow us on Xhiaongshu to learn more about us and peek into our classroom!

There is no option to book because the time is organized by the teacher, based on the students’ schedules.

The days and times will be set after the enrollments are done. The workshops happen only 2 times per week, 45-minutes, and they will be booked from Monday to Friday. The time span for the workshops will be from 4 pm to 8 pm Chinese time.

The parents will get a detailed calendar that also works as a survey, and you will be able to decide when the workshops will happen so that every child gets a slot and we guarantee placement.

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