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About our teachers: Alice and Laura

Teacher Alice Milica

Founder, ESL English Teacher, Preschool Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Alice Milica is a preschool teacher and English teacher for children aged 3 to 12 years old. She holds a B.ECEd (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education) and an M.ECEd (Master of Early Childhood Education). During her master’s studies, Alice minored in English Teaching Methodology for Young Children with a 10.0 GPA.

Alice's awards

  • 2021 – EdTech Educator of the Year
  • 2019-2022 – Head of Language studies in an IELTS center that was awarded as the best IELTS center in Africa 3 years in a row
  • Awarded the grade of 10 in her Master thesis
  • Kizuna scholarship – a project happening in Japan in 2023
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Alice's experience in the education field

Alice has been teaching online and face to face for a long time, and she loves using storytelling, drama, environmental education & digital tools in her lessons. Her biggest passions are environmental education and distance learning.

  • English teacher specialized in teaching children at Preply (US/Russia), LearnTalk (China), Octus Academy (UAE), Shavy’s English Hut (India), Engoo (Japan)​
  • Head of Language Studies, IELTS center in Nigeria
  • Teacher trainer & professional development consultant for teachers at Gallery Teachers, UK
  • English Language Teachers’ Association Serbia, board member
  • Teacher trainer & professional development consultant for teachers at Erasmus+ courses Primera, Slovenia
  • Educational blogger and material designer for children – Alice in Methodologyland at Vedantu, India and Koala, US
  • The Granny Cloud, India and Greenland, English workshop facilitator
  • Improve Your Career Prospects 2-year long project with the US Embassy, English Instructor

Teacher Laura

Co-founder, ESL teacher, studied Chinese at Tsinghua and in England

Laura holds a first-class degree from the University of Liverpool. She is an experienced teacher and tutor of English teacher who’s passionate about teaching children aged 2-10. Laura has a 180 hour accredited TEFL certificate and a CPD college phonics certification. She is an experienced in teaching English to children.

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Laura's experience in the education field

Laura started teaching in a primary school in Xinjiang, China in 2014 and has continued to teach in China at English First, Urumqi as well as privately in Beijing and at the University of Foreign Studies whilst studying at Tsinghua University.

Since 2017 she has moved her teaching online and continues to help students foster a love for reading, writing and cooking. Laura is focused on creating and utilising fun phonics materials that have helped children improve their reading, confidence and their spoken English all over China, from Hainan to Chengdu!

  • English Teacher for Children, Primary school Xinjiang, China
  • English Teacher, English First, Urumqi, China
  • Private English teacher, Beijing foreign studies university
  • Independent online English teacher and curriculum designer specialized in teaching children from China
  • Digital ESL material designer for children