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About your teacher: Alice Milica

A bit about me

ESL English Teacher, Preschool Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Hi, dear parent! I am Alice Milica, a professional teacher with over 8 years of online teaching experience. I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching, a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching, and a Master’s in Teaching English to Young Learners. 

I am a published researcher in education related to teaching methods & curriculums and a teacher trainer, meaning I teach teachers how to teach better. So far, I have trained teachers on almost all continents and presented at over 60 conferences. I am an award-winning curriculum and materials designer and also an award-winning EdTech teacher (a teacher specializing in technology in teaching). Last but not least, I also parent a 6-year-old boy.

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Here's a bit about my teaching philosophy


I teach English through subjects, themes, real-life skills and cultures, while individualizing my curriculum to fit your child's needs


Even though my lessons ae are online, they are highly interactive and hands-on, meaning your child will do practical, out-of-the-screen activities as well


My materials and lessons are gamified, and your child will everything through fun activities where they lead the class and practice

4 skills

I focus on all 4 language skills - reading, listening, speaking and writing so that your child can be fluent and use English in real life

Real life

I teach English through real-life skills - collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking


My programs are themed - In one, for example, fall theme, I teach science, arts, game engineering, & LEGO engineering


Your child gets their own portfolio where you get screenshots and a summary of EVERY lesson


My programs are long-term and If you complete all 3 levels, you can gain enough knowledge to enroll in an international school/preschool

Let's chat! Play my video to get to know me more

My teaching and training experience in the education field

I have been teaching online and face-to-face for a long time, and I love using storytelling, drama, environmental education & digital tools in my lessons. My biggest passions are environmental education and distance learning.

I founded a nonprofit organization called Alice in Methodologyland, dedicated to training and helping teachers teach better.

Some of my recent teacher awards