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Little curious cats (3-7 years old)
  • Introducing myself
  • I know my colors
  • I know my numbers
  • I know my body parts, and MORE!

*full curriculum available to the students on their dashboards.

The little curious cats program is for children aged 3-7 who are just starting to learn English and includes topics such as:

The program relies on using demonstration, props, dramatization, storytelling, and playing games to:

  • Focused on the basic vocabulary and concepts.
  • Contextual and communicative acquisition of grammar structures.

Alice's specialized individual programs

Creative writing (6-12)
  1. Developing your own fantasy world
  2. Learning how to develop a character
  3. Learning how to develop a story setting, and MORE!

*full curriculum available to the students on their dashboards.

The activities include:

  1. A lot of guided learning in the workshops to learn about fundamental writing skills.
  2. Joint planning and pre-writing discussions. 
  3. Live style, grammar and structure feedback and discussing further progress.
  4. Focuses not only on the writing, but also on developing 21st-century skills such as creativity, learner autonomy, and resilience.
Harry Potter reading club (10-12 years old - COMING SOON)

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Environmental science (6-12 years old)

Lesson topics range from exploring noise pollution, climate change and deforestation, all the way to designing an eco-friendly smart house, and much more!

Act local, think global program deals with environmental education and protection through fun, explorative projects.

It is STEM-based and focused on building environmental awareness and problem solving using science, technology, engineering, and math.​

How is your child's progress measured?

Cambridge levels for children


  • Knows the alphabet, counts to 10, knows colors and body parts.
  • Knows or recognizes more than 60 words and phrases in English (animals, pets, food, toys)
  • Recognizes the refrains of common songs for children

Starters, pre-A1

  • Participates in short dialogues about familiar things
  • Understands spoken English, sings songs, tells short stories
  • Understands basic English content on the internet

Movers, A1

  • Understands basic instructions or takes part in simple conversations
  • Understands basic notices, instructions or information
  • Completes basic forms and writes notes, including times, dates and places

Flyers, A2

  • Understands simple written Englis
  • Communicates in familiar situations
  • Understands and uses basic phrases and expressions
  • Interacts with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly


  1. Reads simple textbooks and articles in English.
  2. Writes letters and emails on everyday subjects.
  3. Can take notes.
  4. Shows awareness of opinions and moods in spoken and written English.

We have 2 types of classrooms: Interactive classroom & game classroom

Level 1: ELLoquent interactive classroom

In the interactive classroom, we use gamified & clickable materials to make the children engaged and focused!

Level 2:

*Teacher Alice’s game classroom avatar

In the game classroom we develop all 4 language skills + creativity in critical thinking by building our own world! 

What do you and your child get in the individual lessons?


Individualized approach and adapted curriculum for each student depending on their level


Total immersion, meaning that we speak English and only English - even if your child's level is low


The focus is on hands-on learning, practical activities and many interactive games


Reading, listening, speaking and writing language skills done at the same time


Real-life skills - Collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking


Science, arts and crafts, game engineering, LEGO model engineering in a themed curriculum


Student portfolio where you get screenshots and a summary of EVERY lesson so you're always informed of our progress


Family and parent support to build relationships and to help parents play in English with the children after class

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