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Affiliate policy

As our affiliate recruiter, you are the face of our company, and we can’t be happier to have you on our small team!

This page represents a set of policies we set to make the process easy and help you be the face of our brand. We are looking for recruiters in the marketing field or parents, and we are all about establishing real connections with the people who collaborate with us. We need the affiliates to be dedicated to our small business and view us as partners.

Affiliate policy

  1. Effective communication – due to the timed nature of the group programs (there is a deadline to apply and enroll for each group), we have to request a 24 window for answering messages during communication around the enrollment time of the month.
  2. Monthly affiliate reports – writing a short affiliate report (list) with leads that enrolled, leads that have not enrolled, and leads that were on the verge of enrolling but did not develop an affiliate strategy to turn them from cold leads to customers.
  3. Meeting once per month to discuss the plan for the next month – a short meeting where we will inform you of our group or individual programs or events for the upcoming month. If you are a parent, we can chat at the end of a class or via text message.

All the promotional content will be given to you

As the title says, all the promotional content will be given to you, including videos and text in both English and Chinese.

Affiliate coupons & affiliate dedicated page

As an affiliate marketer in our school, you will get a dedicated page to monitor your affiliate sales and see exactly how many times your link was clicked. If the person clicking your link made a purchase – it would show when it was used and how many times. It will make your referral tracking a breeze.

Signing a contract (not for parent affiliates)

Upon a successful affiliate interview, we will send you a contract to sign (the contract will be simple and include our affiliate policy). The contract is valid for three months, as this is the minimum collaboration time we request because we know that it takes a certain amount of time to get to know each other and collaborate efficiently. The contract will also have a privacy section since we will share sensitive and private information about our business with you that cannot be shared publicly.

Giving you freedom

Yes, this does not sound like a policy part of the page, but we felt it’s important to say that all our communication will be chat-based, and we will only meet live once per month. Our online programs have a deadline for application, but we still want to give you all the freedom to promote in any way you want, as long as it fits our company policy. We value your time, and we will take up a minimum of the time needed for this affiliate program to function, so for that reason, this position is also open to parents and/or students.

Want special promotional content? Let us know

As we said above, since we are educators, we appreciate creativity. Let us know in the monthly meeting if you have ideas for any promotional videos (designed or us talking/promoting). We will create content, especially from you. We are all for trending videos and audio and are not shy about showing up on camera.

Affiliate bonus

To show how much we appreciate your work, if you perform well and reach a threshold of 20 enrolled students in our group workshops, you will get a bonus of 80$.